Intuitive Reader Foundations Training

You'll be able to understand and know people and situations, get advice for achieving your dreams and make future predictions that are helpful to be aware of in the present

How to Receive, Interpret and Apply Intuitive Information to Guide Your Life. The Intuitive Reader Foundations Training is an  8-week, live, online program  beginning Saturday, August 27th that prepares you to do accurate, precise, and thorough intuitive readings on  yourself and others.

I know what it's like to go through life before refining and harnessing intuitive gifts, wondering

Is this my own fear or my intuition pointing out a red flag?

Why are my feelings and sensations so overwhelming sometimes, and how can I decode them?

How do I get out of a pattern?

How can I align with the relationship/career/wellbeing I want?

What is my purpose?

How can I most creatively innovate and add value?

Why did this happen?

What is the most efficient and fulfilling path forward?

How do I raise my consciousness?

Intuition is a limitless field of wisdom and loving support that acts as our own personal GPS. You won't have to doubt yourself or wonder if you're making the right decision. You won't waste time. You won't let yourself down. You'll know what actions support your goals, self love and self worth. You'll know what role others can most expansively play in your life (and when to protect your energy, space and focus). You'll be empowered with clarity, knowing and faith. You'll be your own spiritual authority, never again giving your power away.

Some of the topics covered will include:

Channeling Source Energy

Reading the physical self, energetic self, and Higher Self

Energetic health and psychic protection

Reading with Oracle Cards

Using intuition to make decisions and get very specific and thorough answers and details

Using our sight, our body, our hearing, taste, and touch to receive intuitive messages

Learning structures to organize in-depth psychic information and learning my original 3-step process of receiving, translating, and applying intuitive guidance so you can put it into practical action to achieve your goals (and help others do the same)

Clairvoyance (readings with psychic visions) | Clairaudience(readings with psychic hearing) | Clairsentience (readings using psychic feeling) | Clairalience(psychic smell) | Clairgustance(psychic taste)

Readings using a pendulum

How to put all the tools together to do accurate, reliable, detailed, and thorough readings on yourself and others for empowerment, personal growth, and manifestation


I just want to say how grateful I am to have connected with Desiree and to have made my way into her class. Everything she has taught us has allowed for me to align more and more every day, and magical moments are happening with unprecedented ease. I deeply align with how she shares, what she shares and why she shares, and it all just feels right.

Shorne Markley

Music Curator

It is true what is said about growth...when the student is ready the teacher will come. Desiree Lanz came into my orbit 2 years ago, and I was immediately transfixed. Desiree's gifts are truly mesmerizing. Little did I know, she would soon become my teacher, mentor...someone that would make me believe in myself in a way I never knew possible. (Thank you, I love you.)

Juliana Mercurio

Intuitive Reader

I’ve experienced just about all of Desiree’s offerings. The reason why I always continue to come back to her work, is because it is always helpful to my journey. I always get more clarity. And I’m always positively influenced when I experience a reading, healing, or training with her. Desiree is truly so gifted, humble, and supportive. Her energy is always clear and trustworthy. She is the real deal, and one of the most truly psychic people I know. I highly recommend working with Desiree as a guide in your life.


Intuitive Healer

Every Saturday online from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. PST beginning Saturday, August 27th!