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Live Intuitive Reader Foundations Training

How to Receive, Interpret and Apply Intuitive Information to Guide Your Life. The Intuitive Reader Foundations Training is an 8-week, live, online program that prepares you to do accurate, precise, and thorough intuitive readings on yourself and others.

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Mentorship coaching

In my new mentorship coaching program, you'll have 5 questions per week (could be advice-related, predictive, yes or no, etc.) and will receive a response from me via voice memo within 24 hours. Simple as that!

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Alignment Accountability Club

The Alignment Accountability Club consists of daily lesson videos available via online portal. Every week, we'll all practice channeled exercises to embody our highest self and feel amazing.

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Channeled Source Energy Healing Training

This certification program trains intuitives to harness and guide the highest-frequency vibration and Light of Source Energy for both private and group professional energy work. Prerequisite: Intuitive Reader Foundations Training.

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Intuition for career

After these 4 weeks, you will have the potential to be in a completely different place vibrationally and materially with regard to our career clarity and success.

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If you feel an inner pull to tap into your potential to channel, read energy, and be of service to yourself and others through opening this superpower within yourself, this program will cover everything it takes to have a long-lasting and healthy practice.

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This training is where all of the foundations of being an accurate, reliable reader come into play for limitless expansion and exploration of skill sets beyond all boundaries of matter, time and space.

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This training builds on the Advanced Intuitive Reader Training. It is the preparatory course for the Intuitive Healer and Teacher Apprenticeship Program.