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Classes taught by Desiree Lanz and master teachers certified by  Desiree Lanz School of Intuition and Energetic Arts

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Ask Source Energy


Individual Readings and Group Energetic Forecast

Source Energy is the highest form of guidance we can connect with. As an intuitive/psychic channel, I relay messages from Source to answer individual questions across any and all areas of life. I'll also share a collective energetic forecast of what we can expect that week, offering tools and exercises to make the most of the opportunities that arise in order to manifest our goals. All participants who book will receive a personal reading. Space is limited to only 8 people, so please book in advance! See you there!

EVERY Monday | 5:30 pM - 6:30 pM PST
Investment: $30

New Moon in Taurus—Creating Our Abundant Wealth


It’s time to take our finances into our own hands and manifest the abundance we desire by dreaming, planning and taking inspired action!
In this new moon workshop in Taurus, we will be focusing on creating your financial abundance. In order to build your financial wealth and manifest money, there is a three-step process:
1. Visualization and dreaming of what you want to acquire.

2. Making a plan on how you want to acquire it.
3. Taking action on acquiring it.
This new moon is unique because we will make a 6-month projection and plan on where you want to be financially on the next full moon in Taurus on November 19. That will be an eclipse, meaning it is a suitable time for that manifestation. Having specific goals and creating a structure around our financial desires allows us to feel in control of what we want to develop. It will enable us to let go of the grip or tension we have on money. It allows the universe to step in and make the magic happen within the container we create.
Join me in the workshop, and I will take a look at your second house of financial security and tell you what your specific gifts and talents are when it comes to creating wealth as well as what you get to focus on in the next 6 months to align and create the abundance you desire. I will also read where the moon is moving through your chart and tell you what limiting beliefs you have around finances to shift out of them over the next 6 months.
See you then!

Tuesday, May 11th | 5pm PST, 7pm CT/ 8pm EST
Investment: $44

Channeled Source Energy Healing


The frequency of Source Energy allows for the fastest, most powerful and most universally effective energy work. In this class, Desiree reads the energy of the group and channels a healing that serves every participant according to what can best support them in that moment.

Investment: $30

Full Moon Eclipse Workshop


Join me on the first Lunar Eclipse this season.
Eclipse season can be a time for great transformation and sudden change in your life that can manifest in many different ways. Things are magnified and it's a time when an energetic portal opens. Many tribes that work with the moon energy understand this to be a time of a great awakening.

In my life, I have always had powerful and profound breakthroughs during eclipse season, and I always love to look in and dive deeper into my chart to know what area of life I get to concentrate on. It gives me profound knowledge and clarity on situations that are happening for me instead of to me. And when multiple people come together in a group, it allows for deeper healing and manifestation.
Knowledge is power and in this Full Moon in Sagittarius Workshop, I will go through your chart, give you a reading to see what area of your life this lunar eclipse is highlighting and see what blocks are around it so you can shift out of them and gain awareness in your life.

I will then lead you through a meditation to access what came up in the reading for you to clear and transmute it. Looking forward to seeing you there!

wednesday, May 26th | 5 PM PST/ 7 pm ct/ 9 pm et
Investment: $44

Energetic Expansion + Healing


In this weekly class, Julia taps into the collective energy and shares what's most prominent for the group to know, while intuitively guiding them on their upcoming paths. A specific exercise is shared to help effectively work with and/or shift the energy, allowing students to take an active part in the process. The class comes to a close with an energetic meditative offering that provides ultimate transformation and healing. This guided support is intended to create ongoing self-empowerment and structure in each attendee's individual experience! All are welcome to join.

Every THURSDAY | 5:30 PM TO 6:15 pm PST
Investment: $22

Astrology Group Reading

WITH Natalia Ochoa

In this astrology class, I merge my intuition and astrology knowledge to give you a mini reading on whatever topic comes to mind. We'll cover how to get connected more with career, romantic love, finances, or relationships. I give you knowledge on what a specific planet placement means for you, which will help you have a deeper knowing of your astrological chart for radical self acceptance and love. I always want you to walk away with an understanding of deeper aspects about yourself.
2 hours before class I need:

  • Name
  • Birthdate
  • Time of birth
  • Place of Birth

Email it to: karmicmusenat@gmail.com

Every Friday | 6:30 PM TO 7:30 pm PST
Investment: $25

Intuition for Career


I remember being in high school, graduating early at 16 years old. I was picking what I wanted to study in college, considering the traditional vocations that seemed to suit my interests and skills. My worldview and concept of possibilities were also influenced by societal programming and expectations. “Intuitive” was definitely not in any course catalog! I had no idea that I would completely renounce the 9-5 paradigm, embrace a career as an intuitive, be the first to invent new modalities (I used to think I had to learn everything from a text book) and choose a highly unconventional path.
This became possible for me because of the strength of my internal guidance system and mentors who could see, sense, guide and nurture my Higher Energy. As I became a master of my specialty, I learned to utilize intuition in every aspect of my life.
I want to focus now on Intuition for Career because it is what creates a sense of purpose and service in our life. It’s the foundation for being satisfied so we can build healthy relationships from a place of fulfillment, abundance and satisfaction.
That’s why I’m launching a 4-week course in which I will share new intuition processes I’ve never taught before.
You will use your intuition to:

  • Live your highest purpose
  • Make more money
  • Find opportunities
  • Develop original ideas
  • Assess potential collaborations
  • Start/Grow your business

After these 4 weeks, we will all have the potential to be in a completely different place vibrationally and materially with regard to our career clarity and success.
If you sign up by June 6, you will receive a complimentary private 15-minute reading by me.

Sundays, June 13, June 20, June 27, & July 11 | 10:00 AM TO 11:30 am PST
Investment: $400