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Classes taught by Desiree Lanz and master teachers certified by  Desiree Lanz School of Intuition and Energetic Arts

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Ask Source Energy


Individual Readings and Group Energetic Forecast

Source Energy is the highest form of guidance we can connect with. As an intuitive/psychic channel, I relay messages from Source to answer individual questions across any and all areas of life. I'll also share a collective energetic forecast of what we can expect that week, offering tools and exercises to make the most of the opportunities that arise in order to manifest our goals. All participants who book will receive a personal reading. Space is limited to only 8 people, so please book in advance! See you there!

EVERY Monday | 5:30 pM - 6:30 pM PST
Investment: $30

energy reboot weekly movement class

WITH Stephanie Jolivet

Our body is our home, so let's begin the week by clearing out the clutter and plugging into our deep knowing! This energizing movement class is open to all levels and all kinds of experience. We'll honor our body and its energy centers through uplifting, rhythmical movement and finish with a bit of improv or meditation to feel into your deep knowing. What you need: open space, connection to zoom on a device, a chair, and a hand towel.

Investment: $22 DROP IN OR $80 4-PACK

Channeled Source Energy Healing


The frequency of Source Energy allows for the fastest, most powerful and most universally effective energy work. In this class, Desiree reads the energy of the group and channels a healing that serves every participant according to what can best support them in that moment.

Investment: $30

Intuitive Animal Communication and Healing


Relationships with our pets are some of the most important and powerful. In this class, I will act as a bridge between you and your pet. I will intuitively connect with your pet, share a mini reading with you and convey any messages or healings that come through to best support them. Teachings in the class will also include animal telepathy, hands-on healing and other ways to connect with your pet to strengthen your bond.

This class is for you if you:

  • Wish you knew what your animals were thinking and feeling
  • Love animals and want to understand them better
  • Are wondering if you are making the right decisions for your pet
  • Are feeling frustrated or puzzled by a behavior or health issue with your pet
  • Wish you could connect with a departed pet
  • Wish you could learn to communicate with your pet

Every wednesday | 6:00 PM TO 7:00 pm PST
Investment: $25

Energetic Expansion + Healing


In this weekly class, Julia taps into the collective energy and shares what's most prominent for the group to know, while intuitively guiding them on their upcoming paths. A specific exercise is shared to help effectively work with and/or shift the energy, allowing students to take an active part in the process. The class comes to a close with an energetic meditative offering that provides ultimate transformation and healing. This guided support is intended to create ongoing self-empowerment and structure in each attendee's individual experience! All are welcome to join.

Every THURSDAY | 5:30 PM TO 6:15 pm PST
Investment: $22

Akashic Record Group Reading


The Akashic Records are a realm of consciousness -- an energy field much like a hard drive -- that contains all information on our spirit's journey, including past lives, present circumstances and future possibilities. Akashic Record Group Healings and Readings are an opportunity to tap into our highest divine potential. By reading our spirit's blueprint for the paths to take on our highest mastery in our spirit's evolution, we will gather to find clarity and guidance on our questions for the good of the entire group and all of whom we touch with this newfound knowledge and healing.

Every Friday | 5:15 PM TO 6:15 pm PST
Investment: $30

Astrology Group Reading

WITH Natalia Ochoa

In this astrology class, I merge my intuition and astrology knowledge to give you a mini reading on whatever topic comes to mind. We'll cover how to get connected more with career, romantic love, finances, or relationships. I give you knowledge on what a specific planet placement means for you, which will help you have a deeper knowing of your astrological chart for radical self acceptance and love. I always want you to walk away with an understanding of deeper aspects about yourself.
2 hours before class I need:

  • Name
  • Birthdate
  • Time of birth
  • Place of Birth

Email it to: karmicmusenat@gmail.com

Every Friday | 6:30 PM TO 7:30 pm PST
Investment: $25

Intuitive Crystal Healing and Reading 


Crystals have the ability to both extract heavy energy and contribute high-frequency energy to our body and energetic field. They can also amplify, direct and transmit Source energy throughout the body and energetic field, creating a grid that heals us tremendously through unique pathways and circuits. Finally, crystals have memory and the power of imprinting, essentially creating a "stamp" of information from the electromagnetic field of the client(s) that I can then intuitively read using my psychic abilities.

In this group class, we will use all these powers of crystals for a guided intuitive healing and reading. The effects of the grid will activate immediately and will continue far beyond the time of the class. The crystal healing will be done remotely (just as effective as in person). No materials are necessary to participate, but feel free to bring any of your own crystals that speak to you.

Investment: $30

holistic movers retreat

WITH Stephanie Jolivet

These monthly zoomshops come out of a need to introduce the synthesis of intuitive reader practices and sayezz bodymind movement practices. Each month has a different focus, but every zoomshop combines a movement practice - for example, a kick-ass pilates class, spiraling chakra choreography, or breathing techniques - with an intuitive practice - for example, finding your "yes" and "no", manifesting with fire or igniting your five senses. What you need: something to write with and on for journaling, an open space, connection to zoom on a device, and whatever tools we may be using that week (candle, crystal, pendulum, etc.).

Last sunday every month | 9:00 aM TO 11:00 am PST
Investment: $33, REPLAY AVAILABLE

8-Week Block Removal Using the 7 Different Types of Energy


I want you to pick your biggest block, the thing that feels like it never works out, the recurring pattern, the thing that mystifies you and keeps you butting up against a wall. The thing that keeps you stuck. When something still hurts and we're not making much headway, it's because we're not consciously working with one or more of these types of energy.
We have 7 different types of energy, and most of us don't know about all of them, much less how to use them for healing, removing obstacles and manifesting. Each type of energy requires a different approach to effectively harness it.
The 7 types of energy are:

  • Life Force Energy
  • Emotional Energy
  • Lower Mind Energy
  • Heart Energy
  • Higher Mind Energy
  • Soul Energy
  • Infinite Energy

In this 8-week course, we will master each of these energy modalities to conquer our block once and for all so we can heal and make space for what we really want. Apart from transforming your own life, you'll have these practices forever so you can teach them to others and level up your expertise in something most people aren't familiar with. Enjoy the support of other conscious beings as we all say goodbye to our biggest block and make a victory lap together while we welcome new and better beginnings.

SUNDAYS STARTING MARCH 7TH | 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM PST (for 8 weeks)
Investment: $550