Classes taught by Desiree Lanz

Group Intuitive Reading


Individual Readings and Group Energetic Forecast

As an intuitive, I convey impressions to answer individual questions across any and all areas of life. I'll also offer tools and exercises to make the most out of the opportunities that arise in order to align with our goals. All participants who book will receive a personal reading. Space is limited to only 8 people, so please book in advance! See you there!

EVERY other monday | 6:00 pM - 7:00 pM PST
Investment: $30

Intuitive Development Learning and Practice


This weekly class is for both experienced intuitives who want to practice, keep growing and exchange intuitive readings AND for those who are learning new skill sets for the first time.
Learn to receive inspiration, ideas and solutions through your intuitive senses and practice how to interpret and apply your impressions to your personal development and success.
Each week, Desiree will teach a method of doing intuitive readings, and then we'll practice on ourselves and each other.

EVERY other SATURDAY| 11:00 AM - 12:00 pM PST
Investment: $30

Fall Equinox Workshop: A Ceremony For Inner Balance


The fall equinox is a time of balance and transition. It's the moment when the sun crosses the celestial equator, making day and night equal in length. In the Northern Hemisphere, this occurs on September 22nd.
Spiritually, the fall equinox is a time to reflect on the past year and set intentions for the coming year. It's a time to let go of what we've outgrown and welcome new beginnings. It's also a time to connect with the natural world and to appreciate the beauty of autumn.
Energetically, the fall equinox is a time of grounding and centering. It's a time to draw in the energy of the earth and to connect with our own inner strength as well as releasing any negative energy we may be holding onto.
This workshop will offer a variety of tools to help us process emotions, release negativity, and align with our goals. We will explore:

  • Breathwork: Breathwork is a powerful tool for releasing emotions and stress. We will use different breathwork techniques to help us connect with our breath and to release any heavy energy that we may be holding onto.
  • Somatic work: Somatic work is a type of body awareness that helps us connect with our physical body and release emotional blockages. We will use different somatic techniques to help us feel more grounded and centered.
  • Intuitive development: Intuitive development is the process of practicing how to receive, interpret and apply intuitive impressions. We’ll use different exercises to help us identify and trust our inner guidance.
  • Guided imagery: Guided imagery is a type of visualization that can help us relax, heal and align with our goals. We’ll use guided imagery to help us connect with our inner wisdom and create a vision for the future.

Friday, September 22nd 6:30 pM - 8:30 pM PST
At Mystic Journey Bookstore
Please bring a yoga mat and anything you need to stay supported and warm, as we will be outside in our zen garden.
Investment: $45